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Custom Furniture 


Rom Lee Designs custom furniture pieces are typically contemporary designs placing an emphasis on function, clean lines and simplicity.  Rom has been translating concepts into beautiful furniture since he first started woodworking.  Everything is custom made to order; handcrafted using traditional methods, modern equipment and the finest workmanship.



Care is taken to select the best materials throughout production.  Materials used cover a very wide range and can include but are not limited to:

  • Recovered timber from the Pacific Northwest and Asia
  • Recycled architectural elements from the US, China, Japan and the Philippines; or, perhaps you already own a piece you would like used.
  • Antiques such as small Japanese tansu that are incorporated into side tables.  Or again, use a piece you already own.




Design is often an evolution.  The order process will include one or two meetings to determine scope, design details, price estimate and delivery date.  Further details may need to be discussed and agreed upon via phone and/or email.  Before the required deposit is placed, a shop drawing will be produced that summarizes the final design.


Work that includes steel is all done in Seattle.  Welding and finishing are, by all accounts, some of the best you will see anywhere.